1 Andrew Lost on the Dog

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Andrew Lost on the Dog

Written by J.C. Greenburg

Illustrated by Debbie Palen

Reviewed by Rosemary A. (age 10)

Andrew Lost on the Dog

Have you ever seen a mystery movie? Well, this story I am reading is something like a mystery. This story is about two kids who got shrunk by a shrinking machine and ended up on a dog. The dog was very dirty. While the two kids were on the dog everything looked very big. If you were to read this book you would learn a lesson. This lesson is: don?t touch things if you don?t know how things work.

I like how they drew the illustrations but they need more color. The pictures are only black and white. They need more color to lighten up the book. This book is funny and mysterious. My favorite part of the story is when the two kids are in the middle of the dog and the dog was all dirty and they got their sneakers covered with dirt and mud. I like all of the characters because they are very funny.

When I read this book I felt very exited because I haven?t read many mystery books this year. That is why I felt exited. This book makes me wonder if there really is a shrinking machine in the world. I recommend this book to kids who like mysteries and comics.