1 Andrew Lost on the Dog

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Andrew Lost on the Dog

Written by J.C. Greenburg

Illustrated by Debbie Palen

Reviewed by Leonardo Z. (age 11)

Andrew Lost on the Dog

In this story Andrew invents a robot that is super smart and he invents a machine that sucks up atoms. So he accidentally gets in front of the machine. They shrink to super small size. And they end up on the dog?s nose so they start traveling and they meet a big monster, and then it is time for the dog to take a bath. This book is divided into two parts. This is just the first part. If you are interested tune into the second part: Andrew Lost In the Bathroom.

I liked the story because it is interesting and I have to wait until I read the second part. My favorite part was when Andrew shrunk the helicopter because the helicopter was not his. My favorite character was Andrew, because he is my age and he likes making inventions. I think the illustrations are cool because they show a picture of the dog. Then they put a microscope showing Andrew on the dog. The book has an invention in it. This book is like a lot of other books I have read, mostly about adventure. I feel good knowing that a kid my age is interested in education. The story does not remind me about something in my life, because I never made an invention that shrinks things. The book made me wonder how the big monster really looked. I recommend this book to people because if I liked the book I think other people will too. I think a person that likes adventure will like the book.