1 Journey to Freedom

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Journey to Freedom

Written by Courtni Wright

Illustrated by GershomGriffith

Reviewed by Frankie F. (age 11)

The story was about Harriet Tubman taking the slave people to freedom so they won?t be slaves anymore. So they built a railroad to go to down south so they could be free. Also Harriet Tubman and her family were stuck in the forest trying to get out then Harriet Tubman heard something coming from the trees so Harriet took out her gun to fire, but before she fired it was her husband, Will Smith.

So the story continues. They made it out of the forest and made it up North to freedom but they are not out of the woods yet because the hunters are still after them. Then Harriet Tubman took out her gun and started firing at the hunters and one of hunters goes down to the ground and they finally made it to freedom.

What I liked about the story was that Harriet Tubman took her family to freedom. Also when Harriet Tubman shot the one of the hunters.