1 Yesterday's Heroes

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Yesterday's Heroes

Written by Susan Hood adapted from Rugrat tv series

Illustrated by NBA Entertainment Photos

Reviewed by Carlos A. (age 13)

This book is about heroes in the National Basketball Association (NBA) that made a change in history. In 1946, professional basketball was born but whites did not let blacks enter in the NBA . The RENS were the first black team. They went on tour but they had trouble getting to games. They still drove hundreds of miles. They had a good record; 88games in a row. But at that time basketball was not a popular sport. Baseball was and blacks did not get a lot of fans. In.1950, Earl Lloyd Was the first to be in the NBA. Then Chuck Cooper signed with the Knicks. Then came the giant Wilt Chamberlain who was 7-1; 36.6points; 27.0 rebounds, and was named MVP.

This book is amazing because it talks about my favorite sport and history including how African?Americans made changes. This reminds me of my life because I want to be a basketball player and I am following the footsteps of basketball players.

My favorite part of the story was ?The Air of Greatness? because it?s about my favorite basketball player, Michael Jordan and how he started playing.

I think people should read this book because if you are a basketball player you will want to know about basketball history. The illustrations were good because it really made basketball history look good and when people read it they will enjoy every bit of it.

The book I read was like no other because it was fun to read and now I know more about history and I know more about basketball players and who were the first black basket ball players. I recommend this book because it?s fun reading and you will enjoy learning how blacks made changes in the NBA and in the world. If you want to be a basketball player you can follow in their footsteps.