1 Andrew Lost on the Dog

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Andrew Lost on the Dog

Written by J.C. Greenburg

Illustrated by Debbie Palen

Reviewed by student in The Real Deal

Andrew Lost on the Dog

Do you know what its like to be a flea on a dog? This book is about a boy named Andrew, his smart pocket robot T.H.U.D.D., and his cousin, Judy. They have a machine that?s as big as a dog and it has tubes and shrinks stuff. One day, Judy came by and scared Andrew. So by accident his hand went back and put the switch on and then they all shrunk. Then a wind blew very, very hard. They all flew into Harley?s nose. (He?s a dog). They got out of his nose and on to the dogs fur and explored on him. His master called him and the dog went near the bathtub. They let go of the fur, fell in the bathtub and got lost. TO BE CONTINUED in the next book called Andrew lost in the bathtub. There?s a silly lesson: Never surprise some one when they?re near a dangerous machine.

This is not like any book I ever read before because it?s kind of icky. I don?t like the part when Andrew and Judy get blown into the dog?s nose. My favorite character is Judy because she has a very good attitude and she is pretty. I think the pictures were printed out of the computer because they are dull. They need to have a lot more color and they should be done by pencil, color pencil, or at least marker or paint.

I recommend this book to ten and eleven year olds with a lot of imagination because I think they would like to read an interesting book and a long book. I really think they would like it because they might think its fun to imagine themselves the size of a flea.