1 Something Beautiful

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Something Beautiful

Written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Reviewed by Uriah J. (age 11)

Something Beautiful

Have you ever done anything inspiring? Do you ever wonder what's inspiring to other people? This story is about a little girl who sees discouraging things. She then goes to school and learns about the word "beautiful." After school she decides to look for something beautiful but she doesn't know what it is. So, she asks around for an opinion of what's beautiful.

This part shows everyone has a different opinion of what's beautiful. For example, the fruit salesman thinks his apples are the best. The girl's friend Georgina thinks her music and dancing is wonderful. Another example is Aunt Carolyn, the little girl's aunt; her son is something special to her. When she returned home she sat outside on her stoop moping because all the ideas she received were good but they weren't what she was looking for. Then she went upstairs to her house and got a sponge, bucket, water, and other cleaning supplies to clean her stoop. This is my favorite part because she cleaned and made something beautiful all by herself.

The illustrations are believable and they make the story more real for me. In ways it reminds me of my own neighborhood. I think the writing style of this book is fast and at the same time serious. You can easily understand this book. This book is interesting because the drawings on the cover and throughout the book look like they could be real photographs. It's a good book. It was so good I thought it deserved an award. To me it seems like a children's inspirational book. This book made me wonder if there's something I can do that's inspiring like she did.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It's a fast book and easy to read. If I were able to read this in front of an audience I would read it to a group that was from 6-9 years of age.