1 Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad

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Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad

Written by Faith Ringgold

Illustrated by Faith Ringgold

Reviewed by Shana B. (age 10) & Jalisa P. (age 10)

Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad

This book was about a girl named Cassie, who needed to find her brother Be-Be in the underground railroad. This story was very different. It was partly true and partly imagination. But there was a lot of stuff about slavery times that we didn't know. For example. We didn't know that moss grew on the north side of a tree and we didn't know that slaves got their foot cut off sometimes.

So while this was not a really happy story. It did make us think about slavery times. This is a good book to teach little kids about slavery and how black people wanted to be free. We also learned how the slaves used the underground railroad to get free.