1 Dinosaur Worlds: new dinosaurs, new discoveries

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Dinosaur Worlds: new dinosaurs, new discoveries

Written by Don Lessem

Reviewed by Adrian P. (age 11)

Dinosaur Worlds:  new dinosaurs, new discoveries

"Dinosaur Worlds" is a reference book. The book is excellent. I think it is excellent because it has my favorite animal in it, the dinosaur. It is the best book I have ever read. I learned a lot about dinosaurs. I have never read a book about dinosaurs before but I love dinosaurs. The T-rex dinosaur was the most interesting dinosaur in the book

I knew the book would be good because on the front of it there is a picture of a dinosaur. One thing, which is not good about the book, is it is a little too long. Also, the type was too small. It could have been bigger. But the book was great anyway. It had many illustrations and the pictures were nice. I would recommend "Dinosaur Worlds" to other young people because kids love picture books. I chose this book because I like dinosaurs.

"Dinosaur Worlds" is written from the author?s point of view. One main point of the book is the author discovered some dinosaur bones and he wanted to write about it.

I often read all kinds of books like "Goosebumps," cartoon books, magazines, animal books, and ?how to? books. I sometimes read as many as fifteen books a month. I like to read. Before, the kind of books I really liked to read was cartoon books. Now I can add dinosaur books to my ?favorites? list.