1 Amelia's Notebook

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Amelia's Notebook

Written by Marissa Moss

Illustrated by Marissa Moss

Reviewed by Kayla W. (age 9)

Amelia's Notebook

The story is about a girl whose name is Amelia who is moving to a new home. Her mother gave her a notebook for it to be like a journal, for her to write in along the way of the trip. Amelia was sad about leaving her school, her friends, and her beloved home.

Along the way she has been writing about what has happened on the trip and what happened when they had gotten there She also sends postcards to her best friend Nadia. She made little comments of how her sister was behaving and what has been happening during her trip. She complained about what her sister was eating every time they came to a food place or restaurant.

Amelia the curious, friendly, and sad girl wrote a lot about her friends, family and how everything was going. Amelia said that "Her sister had a jellyroll nose." Her sister read through her notebook and Amelia became very mad at her. Amelia was mad because her sister read it and Cleo, her sister, was mad at her for writing those mean and horrible things.

This book reminds me of how I feel when my friends brother reads my diary. It also makes me feel like I too have an annoying sister like Amelia does. My favorite part in the story is when Amelia draws all the different noses and says her sister has a jellyroll nose. Also when Melissa, a girl in Amelia's new school, ate all the disgusting food in her lunch plate.

The story teaches me that change is sad at first, but can some times be a good thing because Amelia had to move to a new school, but she was able to get used to the changes. The story reminds me of all the diaries I kept. The pictures show me little things that she kept from the hotel and things that she thinks up.

I recommend this book for older kids who like to write and keep journals.