1 Hello, Red Fox

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Hello, Red Fox

Written by Eric Carle

Reviewed by Raymond C. (age 7)

Hello, Red Fox

The story is about little frog?s birthday. He wants to invite his friends to his birthday party. Then all of his friends skin color begin to change. Frog's mother was surprised to see that his friend's color was not the color that they should be. She does not know what happened to them. There is definitely a trick to this story and if you want to know more about the story then you have to get this book.

I found the book interesting because I like the pictures and the pictures go along with the story. The book is also funny because the little frog knows what happens to his friends but his mom does not know. My favorite part was when frog?s friend?s came over to the house and the color changed.

I want to recommend this book because it has to do with friendship and happiness.