1 Chelsea's New Home

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Chelsea's New Home

Written by Kimberley M. Levy

Illustrated by Terry Herman

Reviewed by LayWah A. (age 8)

Chelsea's New Home

This story is about Chelsea?s new home. She told her friend she wanted a new home. She also makes new friends while looking for her new home. Chelsea would walk and walk until she ? If you want to know if Chelsea found her new home, then you need to get this book.I think that there is a lesson to learn: Do not want something that is better than your home. The ending makes me happy because... Like I said, you have to read the book.

The illustrations are nice because they go with the story. They are very colorful. My favorite character is Chelsea because I think she is very brave, especially since she tries to find a new home. This book reminds me of children that need homes.

I would like to recommend this book to other children because it is friendly and if you are an animal lover then it is nice.