1 Home at Last

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Home at Last

Written by Patricia MacLachlan

Illustrated by Mauro Magellan

Reviewed by John L. (age 9)

Home at Last

This story is about a snail named Les who helped find Lego a home. The reason Lego wanted to find a home was because he felt he was old enough. He begins to feel sad and begins to cry because while he is trying to find a home, Lego?s old home gets destroyed. If you want to know if Lego found his new home then you must read this sad book. This book talks about people helping people.

I liked when Lego got help because that is where friendship starts. The illustrations are great because it has my favorite animal, the frog. Even though it is sad what happened to Lego, I felt happy when he got help from his friends.

I recommend this book because it tells about friendship and we know that we need friends in this world.