1 Lion Dancer

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Lion Dancer

Written by Kate Waters

Illustrated by Martha Cooper

Reviewed by Nancy L. (age 8)

Lion Dancer

The story is about Ernie who goes to his father?s class and learns how to dance. The boy in his father?s class learned Kung Fu. The boy learned things like Chinese writing. Ernie Wan learned Kung Fu so he could do a Lion Dance. The Lion Dancer is a dance for Chinese New Year. Did Ernie learn the lion dance? Well, I guess you need to find out by reading this interesting book.

I enjoyed reading this book because it gave me facts about the Lion Dancer. My favorite part is when the dad teaches people to learn Kung Fu or Lion Dance. All of the illustrations are my favorite. The way I feel about this book is that I feel a personal connection because I too am Chinese.

I definitely recommend this book because it gives other kids new facts about the Lion Dancer.