1 Ramona the Pest

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Ramona the Pest

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Louis Darling

Reviewed by Maxine G. (age 8)

Ramona the Pest

Does your big sister or brother call you a pest? Ramona's sister does. When a kid in her class calls her a pest, Ramona pulls her "curl boing" hair. The teacher tells her not to go to school until she won't pull hair. Ramona stomps home with her hands swinging in fists and a pout on her face. When her mom comes home and asks why she's already there Ramona tells her mom that her teacher hates her. Her mother asks her why and she tells her that she doesn't know. Everybody thinks she is a pest. She doesn't think that she's a pest, but I do.

I thought that the book was funny and pesty. It's funny that she's always called a pest and she always throws temper tantrums after that and kicks her feet against the wall and pulls hair or steps on people's feet. I liked how everyone called her a pest because she hated it so much. She hated it so much that she would scream at everyone who talked to her and wanted everyone to be angry with her. My favorite part was when she yelled, "I want to go back to school" when the next day was Saturday.

This story reminds me of my little sister because she gets into trouble a lot an has a big imagination too.

The Ramona books are part of a big series. In the other books Ramona gets older and more mature. When Ramona is four a girl named Willa Jean is born and acts very pesty like Ramona did. When her mom tells Ramona that she acted that way, she doesn't believe her mother.

I recommend this book to sisters that have little sister or brother pests. I also recommend this book because Beverly Cleary writes it very humorously.