1 Hushtown

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Written by Elizabeth Massie

Illustrated by Amy Wummer

Reviewed by Samanta R. (age 8)


Have you ever wonder how it would be to live in a quiet town? Hushtown is the place to be at, everyone likes the peacefulness, everyone but the new neighbors. The new neighbor?s kids wanted to make noise and build things. They started to make a tree house. This was too noisy for everyone. So as they came by to see what was all the noise about, they started to help with the building of the tree house. It is funny because everyone in the town helped with the tree house and didn?t mind the noise. Then the Mayor came to find out what was all the noise about. She didn?t look happy.

I liked this story because I never heard of a town so quiet. I know that I would never live in a town like that. I live in the city where there is noise everywhere. I like my city. It is fun.