1 More Spaghetti I Say!

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More Spaghetti I Say!

Written by Rita Golden Gelman

Reviewed by Victor M. (age 9)

More Spaghetti I Say!

Do you love to eat spaghetti? Well this story is about a monkey who loves spaghetti. Everything she does, she does it with spaghetti. There are two monkeys in this story; one who loves to eat spaghetti and the other monkey loves to play. They are mate and female. The male monkey asked the female monkey if she wanted to play with him, but she said no. Do you know why she said no, because all she wanted to do was eat and eat? There were spaghettis everywhere.

There was a part in the story where the female monkey was skiing down a spaghetti mountain. Can you imagine that, skiing down a spaghetti mountain? How funny can that be? I liked reading this story because it was funny. So if you love spaghetti, you will love this story! it is a funny story about spaghetti.