1 William's Doll

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William's Doll

Written by Charlotte Zolotow

Illustrated by William Pene Du Bois

Reviewed by Samanta R. (age 8)

William's Doll

Have you ever seen a boy play with a doll? Well this story is about a boy named William who loves to play with dolls. William?s father always went out to buy William other toys because he did not want William to play with dolls. William?s brother always made fun at him and the boy next door always called him a sissy. One day William?s grandmother came to visit William. William told his grandmother about a doll he likes. His grandmother told William it was alright for a boy to play with a doll. She went out and bought him a doll. He was so happy. His dad became upset. Guess what happened next?

I liked the story because I never knew that a boy could play with a doll. I thought this was a good story. It had a happy ending. You should read it too.