1 Garfield and the Teacher Creature

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Garfield and the Teacher Creature

Written by Jim Davis

Reviewed by Kelsey O. (age 10)

This story begins when Garfield and Odie have to go to the vet. Garfield is angry over this and they decide to leave their home and end up at a haunted school house, which has a legend about a teacher creature.

I enjoyed reading this chapter book because it was funny and enjoyable to read. It was funny when they were ready to leave and Garfield was bringing everything but the kitchen sink, and Odie just brought a small lunchbox. That reminds me when our family gets ready to go camping and my mom packs everthing and dad grumbles. I especially liked the part when the hamster bit Garfield. I imagined it hurt!

To find out if Garfield and Odie pass the Teacher Creature test, check out this book! I recommend this book to other children who enjoy reading Garfield comics.