1 Let's Go On a Picnic

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Let's Go On a Picnic

Written by Anna Alter

Reviewed by Gris L. (age 6)

Let's Go On a Picnic

This book is a about a family gong on a picnic. First they put out a blanket. Then they put food on the blanket. After that they ate the food. Then they played a little and they picked up the trash. Finally, they went to their house.

My favorite part was when they played ball. It makes me remember when I play catch with my brother at the park. We had fun. I picked this book because the pictures were cool.

I recommend this book to preschoolers because the words are so easy. If you like picnics, they are really fun because you get to play. Read this book to find out. Go to the library if you want to get this book and if you love to read about picnics.