1 In a People House

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In a People House

Written by Theo Lesieg

Illustrated by Theo Lesieg

Reviewed by Adela J. (age 6)

In a People House

This book is about what happens in a house. The mouse touches the bird. He wants to know what is in the house. But the bird doesn't know. Then they go inside the house and they see some stuff like the T.V. and the dishes. It is sad because they get asked to get out because they weren't allowed in the house. Finally they end up at the tree.

I like this book because the mouse is funny and the bird likes to stay with the mouse. I like birds and I wish I had a bird.

I recommend this book to the kinder kids and the 1st graders. The book is easy to read adn the pictures help yo to read better. That is why I like this book.