1 Way out in the Desert

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Way out in the Desert

Written by Jennifer Ward

Illustrated by Kenneth Spengler

Reviewed by Raina A. (age 7)

Way out in the Desert

This book is about numbers. Numbers are hidden on every page. Keep an eye on those numbers. They are hidden very good on every page. At the end of the book there is a song you can sing and play. I like the part when the coyote curled her tail into a nine.

The drawings in this book were pretty and some of them were funny. The best one was when the roadrunners were running to get food. They looked real. The pictures looked like it was in the real desert.

This book reminds me of the book ALL BY MYSELF because it is about a coyote who likes to do things for himself. The drawings look like the drawings in WAY OUT IN THE DESERT.

I recommend that people who don't know how to count read this book. Then they can learn to count to ten.