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Written by Seymour Simon

Illustrated by Seymour Simon

Reviewed by Jonathan G. (age 7)


I like the book, WOLVES, because it tells a lot about wolves. It is not a story book but a real life book with photos of real animals. Wolves are wonderful creatures, but they are dangerous animals. Don't get so close--it might attack. Wolves are very strong creatures, but don't try to catch one. They are not like house pets. Never get in a fight with a wolf; it will eat you.

My favorite parts were all the neat pictures because they were real pictures of wolves.

The illustrations were real photographs of wolves and their habitats. All the wolves were colorful. The backgrounds were beautiful.

I read two other books by Seymour Simon, SHARKS and WHALES ,and they were real life books too. Both sharks and wolves are dangerous creatures but they are very colorful.

If you like wolves you will like this book, and I will recommend this book to you. This book is the best book I ever read, so you will like it because you like wolves, don't you?