1 I Had a Hippopotomus

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I Had a Hippopotomus

Written by Hector Viveros Lee

Illustrated by Hector Viveros Lee

Reviewed by Zac V. (age 7)

I Had a Hippopotomus

This story is about a boy who had a hippopotomus. He gave it to his mom. He gave an anaconda to his dad.

I love this book because this story is about a boy who had animals. I love the pictures. My favorite part is the end because the cat was clumsy. I like this book and the pictures because they remind me of my dog named Spike. The pictures are neat and cool because of the colors. Some are green and some pictures are purple and some are brown and blue.

This story reminds me of my dog because he had to go and move. He had to go to the dog pound. Some of the animals in the story got taken away.

I recommend this book to people who like animals.