1 The Gumdrop Tree

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The Gumdrop Tree

Written by Elizabeth Spurr

Illustrated by Julia Gorton

Reviewed by Deniz (age 8)

The Gumdrop Tree

In the book the little girl's father brings home a bag of gumdrops. The gumdrops sparkle with sugar. They looked so sweet and good that she had an idea. She wanted to grow a gumdrop tree. So she planted the gumdrops and watered them, hoping that they would grow into a gumdrop tree. Then, one day something happened. It was a miracle.

This book reminds me of when my dad brings home gum for me. I shout, "Yes," and say, "You're the best dad." My favorite part of the book is when the little girl plants the gumdrops. I recommend this book to all children that like candy.