1 The Worst Helper Ever

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The Worst Helper Ever

Written by Richard Scary

Illustrated by Richard Scary

Reviewed by Leydi P. (age 7)

The Worst Helper Ever

This book is about a cat that does the worst things. The cat pulls the table and the pig says, " Stop Charlie cat!" The pig says to the cat, "Can you help me in the garden, Charlie?" The cat says, " Yes farmer pig. I can water the garden farmer pig." The pig says, " Oh dear, not that way Charlie cat. Can you help me drive my truck?" Charlie cat says, "Yes farmer pig." The cat tries to water the the garden, but he wets the kitchen instead.The pig then tells the cat, "This time I'll drive." And he does the same thing the cat did!

I like this book because it is great. My favorite part was when the cat pulls the table. It makes me feel like laughing. It makes me want to have a cat.

I recommend this book to little children, big people, and all your friends. This book will make you laugh. You should read this book if you like animals. You should read this book and go to the library and check it out. It will make you laugh because the cat does not know anything. You could act it out, tell the story, then read it to your mom, dad, sister, or brother.