1 My Dream of Martin Luther King

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My Dream of Martin Luther King

Written by Faith Ringgold

Illustrated by Faith Ringgold

Reviewed by Merlin C. (age 9)

This author is telling about a girl who falls asleep when she is watching Martin Luther King on TV. She is dreaming that Martin Luther King had a hard life. Policemen chase Martin. People didn't let him in the school for white people.

When the girl woke up, she thought about Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King dreamed that every person in this world would treat each other fairly.

I like this book because it has happy and sad parts. The illustrations have a lot of details.

This book is special because parts are true and other parts are fiction. Some true parts are when they didn't let Martin Luther King in the white school and how he died.

I recommend this book to kids who are in second through sixth grades. Kids who like sad books should get this book.