1 Anatole

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Written by Eve Titus

Illustrated by Parul Galdone

Reviewed by Nataly Y. (age 8)


"Those mice sneak into my kitchen, they rummage around in my garbage pail, or pull themselves up to the table and take what is there," a woman said. Anatole, a mouse, was upset to overhear the bad things said about mice. He decided to show the humans that they were wrong about mice. See how Anatole proves that mice are very special.

We like Anatole because he works hard and proves to others that mice are special too! I (partner) liked when Anatole put the signs on the cheese. The signs were funny. For example, one sign read "Not so good. Add more goat's milk." All the signs were signed by Anatole. I (Nataly) liked when Anatole made the signs because it took a lot of work. He typed all the signs, put long pins through each sign, and packed them into his briefcase. This book has both black and white pictures as well as colored pictures. The colored pictures only have the colors red, white, and blue. We like the colored illustrations more than the black and white pictures.

We recommend this book to mouse lovers and cheese lovers. We also recommend this story for people who try hard to be the best they can be!