1 Ira Sleeps Over

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Ira Sleeps Over

Written by Bernard Waber

Illustrated by Bernard Waber

Reviewed by Hannah F. (age 7) & Ryan V. (age 8)

Ira Sleeps Over

A boy named Ira is so excited to be invited to a sleepover. He had a teddy bear and he was afraid that if he brought the teddy bear, his friend would laugh. His mom and dad said "he won't laugh". His sister said "he will laugh". Ira didn't bring his teddy bear and went to his sleepover. His friend, Reggie, showed all of his junk collection and they had a pillow fight. They tell a ghost story about a haunted house and get scared. Reggie stopped the story and pulled out something that looked like a teddy bear. What will Ira say? Well, read this book to find out the end!

We like this book because it reminds us of when we have a sleepover. I (Ryan) like the part when they had a pillow fight because it reminds me of having pillow fights with my friend Will. I (Hannah) like the part when Reggie tells a ghost story because it's cool to get everyone scared when you tell a ghost story.

This book has a great lesson- Don't worry about what other people think, just be yourself.

We think this book is good for all people who like sleepovers and love teddy bears. We think this lesson is good for everyone to learn. Don't worry about what other people think, just be yourself!!