1 Oliver and the Monsters

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Oliver and the Monsters

Written by Tony Blundell

Reviewed by Alexander L. (age 7)

Oliver and the Monsters

The monsters scare Oliver. The monsters jump into the room. Oliver is scared in his room. Suddenly, he was not scared anymore. He decided to be brave. Oliver got out of his bed and crept down the stairs with a flashlight. He was looking for the monsters. Then, he went to the garden and he saw the monsters' house in the woods. He went in. He found the monsters? room and he scared them. He made scary faces with the flashlight. Oliver and the monsters promised not to scare each other anymore. You should read this book to see if the monsters keep their promise.

I liked this book. It was interesting because I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. If you like monsters, you will like this book.