1 How to Survive Summer Camp

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How to Survive Summer Camp

Written by Jacqueline Wilson

Illustrated by Sue Heap

Reviewed by Lizzie M. (age 9)

How to Survive Summer Camp

This book is about a girl named Stella Stebbling who goes to summer camp while her parents (just married that morning) go to Europe on a honeymoon. Poor Stella then has to share her dormitory with sneering Karen and snobby Louise. She gets all her hair cut off by accident and earns the nickname "Baldy". She is forced into swimming lessons with Uncle Pong, and the problem is that she hates swimming!!!! How in the world can Stella survive?

I really love this book, because I can relate to Stella, since I got all of my hair cut of as well, and once had to go to my enemy?s house!!!! I have never really experienced going to a camp that I didn't want to attend. I usually have a choice in my family. My favorite part is when she writes her Stellarina story because it's really funny and she enjoys making fun of her enemies. In my opinion, the moral of this story is never judge a book by it's cover, or in this case, never judge a camp by it's looks. You'll understand what I mean when you finish reading the book.

I would recommend this book to children aged 8-10. The author, Jacqueline Wilson, is British. If you are interested in reading a book from England or reading a story about summer camp run out and get this book today.