1 When the Rain Comes

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When the Rain Comes

Written by Marilyn Woolley

Reviewed by AF (age 6)

When the Rain Comes

When the rain comes, ants, bees, spiders. lizards, birds and butterflies all have to look for shelter. Shelter protects the animals. But ducks do not look for shelter from the rain because they like to be out in water.

The most important thing in this story is that the animals have to stay in different shelters when the rain comes, but the ducks don't have to.

My favorite part was when the butterfly found a place to get out of the rain because I really like butterflies. I like this book because I really like animals. This is a special book because I enjoyed looking at different animal shelters. I do not like that some animal shelters might get ruined by the rain.

My friends who like animals and want to learn about them should read this book. But not people who don't care about animals.