1 Chrysanthemum

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Written by Kevin Henkes

Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Ally G. (age 8)


This book is about a mouse named Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum always thought she was special until she started school. When she started school the kids teased her about her name. Like when Chrysanthemum entered the playground the kids said, "Let's pick her, let's smell her because she is named after a flower!"

When I was reading the book I felt bad for Chrysanthemum because the kids picked on her. After reading I felt happy for her because she remembered she was special.

I really like the illustrations. They are colorful and the illustrator took time and thought about them, so I really knew what Chrysanthemum was like.

I think kids from preschool to second grade would like this book because any kid can get called names and teased.