1 The Deer in the Wood

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The Deer in the Wood

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Illustrated by Renee Graef

Reviewed by Bliss F. (age 7), Sima K. (age 7)

The Deer in the Wood

This book is about two girls and their ma and pa. They needed a deer for meat. Pa went out and climbed a tree so he could see the deer. A deer came from behind the tree that their pa was on. Their pa didn't kill the deer because one looked too wild, it had to stay in the woods. Then a mom and a baby deer came. But Pa didn't kill them because if he killed the mom the baby would be alone. The two girls felt it was good that Pa didn't kill the deer. They said they would just eat bread and butter.

My favorite character is Laura because we both like sewing. The book has the same author as Little House on the Praire. I recommend this book because the pictures are cute. This book reminds me of animlas.

If you like deer or animals you would like this book because it's easy to read and it has animals in it.