1 The Journey

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The Journey

Written by Glora List

Illustrated by Sohail Waskif & Benjamin

Reviewed by Callie M. (age 7), Meredith D. (age 8)

The Journey

A swallow is going on his first journey. His grandmother gives him clues to get to his summer home. His first clue is towering trees around a pond. There he met a frog in a pond. Then the frog got on the swallow's back and they flew together. Then they met a mouse. The mouse got on the swallow's back by the frog. Then they were flying with the frog and the mouse on the swallow's back. A red tailed hawk came along and it was trying to catch the mouse but now there's a funny part - when the frog stretches out and his body looks like a head in an X. Then they found an opening crack in a canyon wall and stayed there for the night. Then you have to read the rest of this book to find out what happens.

We recommend this book to people who like swallows, like frogs and who think mice are cute. It is also for people who like special journeys.

This book reminds me (Callie) of the time when I went to the pet store and I saw a bird that looked like a swallow. It reminds me (Meredith) of my brother's hockey friend named Will. He has 17 pets and animals.

The illustration are the most beautiful part in this book because they have beautiful colors. The pages go in a pattern like this: one page picture, one page words. We really enjoyed the book because we love animals.