1 The Boy Who Was Followed Home

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The Boy Who Was Followed Home

Written by Margaret Mahy

Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Reviewed by Alex L. (age 8)

The Boy Who Was Followed Home

This book is about a boy named Robert who was followed home by a hippo. Later 4 followed him, then 5 more. That makes 9. Soon there were 27. Soon 43. Robert's father had an idea. He called Cathy Squinge. She was a witch. She went down the chimney. She passed a pill to Robert because Robert's father was getting crazy that Robert liked Hippos. The next day, Robert didn't feel any different, but all the hippos walked away. After school while he was in the middle of the bridge, one giraffe poked his head on the side of the bridge. I thought he was swimming. While Robert walked and walked and walked 3 GIRAFFES were following him!

This book reminds me that I saw hippos in the Bronx Zoo. It was funny when the hippos laid down in the goldfish pool. I thought that after, when Robert swallowed the pill, that dozens of elephants would follow him.

I think if someone likes hippos they should read this book.