1 The Littles and the Lost Children

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The Littles and the Lost Children

Written by John Peterson

Reviewed by David C. (age 8) & Ivan I. (age 8)

The Littles and the Lost Children

Did you ever imagine being two inches tall? The littles are two inches tall. He was l Father Lenn and Mother Lynn SmallFrys were taking their two year old twins to Trash City. Their names are Winkie and Tip. They also took Sable, their bird to go to Trash City to trade their homemade fabrics for machines and food. All the SmallFrys were arguing that the children shouldn't go. They tried to look for Trash City, but couldn't find it. The parents set up a camp for the children and then continued to look for Trash City. Sable heard something scratching on the back of the tent and found mice. She defended the children from the mice, but a cat came and chased away Sable. Major Nick Little was walking by and heard the noise and ordered his soldiers attack poor Sable because they thought it was trying to hurt the children. When they rescued the children, they brought them to Trash City. A person in Trash City adopted the children because he thought they had been abandoned by their parents and he didn't know their last name. He renamed them the McDust twins. When the real parents of the twins went back for them, they realized that they were missing. They looked and looked, but couldn't find them. They found Sable flying by the tent. They asked her to fly them home to get some of their friends to help them search for the twins. Seven years passed. Winkie and Tip were having dreams every night about these two adults and a bird. Will Winkie and Tip ever see their parents again? Read this book to join Winkie and Tip as they struggle to to find their way home.

We liked the many descriptive words that the author uses to help us make a picture in our minds about what is happening in the story. We enjoyed the illustrations because they brought more detail to the book. I (Ivan) think this book should get three and a half thumbs up. I (David) think this book should get four and a half thumbs up.

We recommend this book to third and fourth graders. We also think people who have once gotten lost, or know someone who did, would like this book.