1 Nate the Great San Francisco Detective

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Nate the Great San Francisco Detective

Written by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Illustrated by Martha Weston

Reviewed by Alex K. (age 9)

Nate the Great San Francisco Detective

Nate the Great was waiting at the San Francisco Airport when he saw a sign that read: NATE THE GREAT in big, bold letters. A man in a suit was holding it. He walked up to them and said, "Mr. Great and Sludge, I am willie, Olivia's chaffeur." (a limo driver). Nate go in the limo and headed for Olivia's house. A little while later, while Nate was waiting for Olivia, he answered the phone and it was all his friends from back home. Nate was waiting to speak with his cousin, Olivia, who was also a detective. She had asked him to come to San Francisco to help her solve a case because she was busy with another case. Again, the phone rang! Nate answered the phone... "What" A missing joke book!? That is where the mystery began!

I like how the author uses words that help me make a picture in my mind of what is happening in the story like "feathery hug" when Olivia was giving Nate a hug while she was wearing a pink, feather wrap around her neck. I also like the part when Nate and Sludge get to ride in a limo because it reminded me of when I got to ride in a limo from my hotel to the airport in Jamaica. I also predicted where the missing joke book was and I was... RIGHT!

I recommend this book to people who have visited San Francisco or people who like crazy, mix ups. If you enjoy either of these things, you should read this book!