1 Odd Velvet

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Odd Velvet

Written by Mary E. Whitcomb

Illustrated by Tara Calahan King

Reviewed by Jackie P. (age 8), Meredith F. (age 8)

Odd Velvet

A girl named Velvet was going to school. The children brought their teacher cinnamon tea, lace handkerchiefs, and a heart-shaped box with potpourri. Velvet brought her an egg carton filled with seven rocks, her favorite red shoelace, and half of a sparrow's egg. That's why the other children think Velvet is odd. Velvet used a brown paper bag that someone already used. The girls found out that Velvet was not wearing a brand new dress to the first day of school. Velvet was wearing her sister's old sweater. Things got stranger. When all of the girls brought in dolls for Show and Tell, Velvet brought in a milkweed pod. The other children were polite to Velvet. But, none of the children were silly enough to pick Velvet for partner play or walk home with her after school. Velvet proves herself to be special by winning a contest and having an interesting birthday party. If you want to find out more, go to the library closest to you.

We think this book reminds us of The Brand New Kid because they think Lazlo is odd like Velvet. Our favorite part of the book is when Velvet wins the art contest because it was surprising. We learned that everyone is not so odd when you give them a chance to get to know them. We felt all different ways because the story kept changing.

We recommend this book to boys and girls because it tells them not to be intolerant. We think that adults and children should read this book because it teaches an important lesson that you should not tease people by the way they look.