1 The Good Little Girl

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The Good Little Girl

Written by Lawrence David

Illustrated by Clement Oubrerie

Reviewed by Sarah P. (age 8) & Andy B. (age 8)

The Good Little Girl

Days are getting worse and worse for Miranda. For example for Saturday Family Waffle Breakfast she got eggs and bacon instead of waffles. She was really mad, but she didn't do anything about it. Suddenly she was so mad she turned into the other side of her- the mean side! The mean side of her was named Lucretia. Lucretia was a mean green girl who was bossy and did bad things to Miranda's parents. She made Miranda's parents go down a scary ride at an amusement park, she dyed their hair blue, and she turned up the radio really loud. Lucretia did these things so Miranda could have more fun. Suddenly Miranda was not having fun anymore because she did not like what Lucretia was doing to her parents. Will Miranda turn back to her old self and will Lucretia go away? Read this book to find out.

Our favorite part was the surprise ending. Clement Oubrerie used a lot of imagination in his illustrations. The illustrations were very creative because all the characters look different. You would be amazed to see what Lucretia looks like. He uses different colors. He makes good foregrounds and backgrounds. Andy's favorite illustration was Lucretia because she was so ugly. We learned that you should express your feelings when something is bothering you. This book reminded Andy of when his dad would not play with him. Andy expressed his feelings about that.

We recommend this to all readers below third grade. We also recommend it to creative people who use their imagination. Sarah thinks people would like this book because it is funny.