1 Arthur, Clean Your Room!

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Arthur, Clean Your Room!

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Andrew H. (age 7), Mugil C. (age 8) & Jonathan I. (age 8)

Arthur, Clean Your Room!

Arthur's mom said, "Clean your room!" but Arthur said, "No!" Arthur's mom had an idea to have a garage sale because he had so much junk in his room and no where to put it. But Buster and all of his friends didn't have any money. So Arthur traded all of his toys to get more toys. Arthur had so many toys that he didn't know where to put them. You should read the book so you can find out the surprise ending!

I (Andrew) like Arthur because he had a messy room. I (Jonathan) liked this book because I wish I had a messy room but my mom says, "No!" or else she'll punish me. I (Mu Gil) liked this book because Arthur trades everything.

We recommmend this book to kids who like having their room messy. If you are a kid who has a lot of toys and no where to put them you should have a garage sale. We think kids should read this book because they might have a garage sale to clean their room.