1 Anatole

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Written by Eve Titus

Illustrated by Parul Galdone

Reviewed by Jordan W. (age 8) & Matt C. (age 8)


Do you like adventures? If you do, Anatole would be a great book for you! Anatole likes to go on dangerous adventures. He sneaks into people's houses and looks for food. Anatole likes to sneak into factories in the tiny mouse village and taste things. Anatole is the happiest mouse in his village. One day his town got really hungry, so he sneaked into a cheese factory to try to steal some cheese. He put some signs on the cheese that said: NO GOOD, GOOD, NOT SO GOOD, ESPECIALLY GOOD, EXTRA-'SPECIALLY GOOD. Mr. Duval, the owner of the cheese company, started making the cheese Anatole's way and he took out all the bad cheese. The cheese was better Anatole's way and Mr. Duval got more money. Mr. Duval sent Anatole a note saying Anatole can come and get all the cheese he liked, and French bread, and chocolate eclairs. He was rewarding Anatole for making his factory better. If Anatole starts one adventure, he'll never give up!

This book won an award for its good illustrations. It's called the Caldecott Honor Award. In part of the story there is colorful language. If you like good punctuation this book has a lot of punctuation! And also, if you like long stories this will be a good book for you! A lot of the time the author uses bold lettering so watch out! Some of the words are difficult so be very careful!

This book reminds me (Matt) of me because I like to go on adventures. It also reminds me of when my sister put a note on my back. It said "I'm a LOSER" (Does anybody think that?). This book reminds me (Jordan) of my brother sneaking into my room and taking candy. Our book reminds us of The Littles because both The Littles and Anatole like to go places and it's sort of like an adventure. You really couldn't tell what the ending would be because it's not a predictable book. Anatole was doing a bad thing but it turned out good. I think Anatole's the best book I ever read (Matt).

We recommend this book to well...ANYBODY! Because it's a great book!