1 Kate and the Beanstalk

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Kate and the Beanstalk

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Giselle Potter

Reviewed by Nitzan L. (age 8), Dylan R. (age 7) & Tom S. (age 7)

Kate and the Beanstalk

A starving little girl named Kate was supposed to trade her cow for money to buy food. Instead of trading for money, she traded their only cow for magic beans. Kate gave her mother the beans, but her mother got very angry and she was disappointed at Kate. Kate's mom threw the beans out the window and overnight a beanstalk grew. Kate climbed the beanstalk and when she got to the top she saw a castle. She met a fairy who told her a story about a giant who killed a good knight and took over his castle and his three treasures. Now the giant and his wife live in the castle. The fairy wanted Kate to do three tasks to get back the treasures. Kate had to steal a chicken that laid golden eggs, a bag full of golden coins, and a magical harp that plays by itself. She went in the castle to do the tasks. If you want to find out if Kate completes the tasks, read this book.

We think that Jack and the Beanstalk is like Kate and the Beanstalk because they are both about a beanstalk and a giant. We like the book because it's treasures look cool and are interesting. We think the illustrations are good because they are like cartoons.

Children ages 3 - 9 will like this book. We recommend this book to readers who like fairy tales. We think readers will be interested in the giants and the treasures in this book.