1 My Working Mom

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My Working Mom

Written by Peter Glassman

Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Reviewed by Jacknels T. (age 10)

My Working Mom

This book is about a girl who thinks her mom cares more about her job than she cares about her. The girl starts getting along with her mother even though she does weird things like when she cooks strange things for dinner. You don't want get near her when one of her experiments doesn't work out!

The main idea is that she thinks her mom cares more about her job than her. Now just what is her mother's job? That's a big surprise you'll find out when you read the book.

I recommended this book to my friend Andrew because when he says something the words don't make much sense. I also recommended this book to kids who think their mom does not care about them especially when they think that she cares about her job more.