1 When The Moon is Full

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When The Moon is Full

Written by Penny Pollock

Illustrated by Mary Azarian

Reviewed by Marleny O (age 9)

When The Moon is Full

This book is about the moon and how it helped the Native Americans in many ways. Also, this book has different poems about the moon. This story takes place outside in the forest. I think this story is about the moon. This story only has two characters, which are the moon and the Native American.

My favorite part of the book was the poem that goes with the month of September and also the month of May. This story reminds me of when I went to the museum. I really think the pictures look very comforting. The thing that is unique about this book is that this is the first book I've read that talks about how the Native Americans lived.

I think I would recommend this book to my teacher because for the past few months we have been learning about the Native Americans and how they lived. We have also been reading many poems.