1 Harry Houdini Master of Illusions

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Harry Houdini Master of Illusions

Written by Clinton Cox

Illustrated by Zoe Moffit

Reviewed by Tucker B. (age 11)

Harry Houdini Master of Illusions is about Harry Houdini(Ehrich Weiss) and his life as a magician or escape artist. This book tells about many of his different escapes. It is a great biography. Some people say that biographies are boring and sometimes hard to follow, but there are many things that you will find interesting about this book. If you like biographies, you will like this one. If you want to find out more about Harry Houdini, you will have to read Harry Houdini Master of Illusions.

There really isn't a cast of characters in this book,but my favorite person in the story was Houdini, of course. Harry Houdini changed in a way when he got married to the future Bess Houdini. He changed in that he stopped worrying so much about himself and started to worry about other people, like his mom and Bess. After you get into the book, you will see that Harry Houdini doesn't think as much of magic as he does his wife and his mom.

I would recommend this book to people twelve and older. The reason that I would recommend it to those twelve and older is because it has a challenging vocabulary. The words are more difficult than those found in most books for children. That is why I recommend Harry Houdini Master of Illusions.