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This and That

Written by Julie Sykes

Illustrated by Tanya Linch

Reviewed by Rae A. (age 6) & Ciara S. (age 6)

This and That

This book is about a cat that asks all the animals at the farm for something. For example, the cat asks the horse for his stable. He asks the sheep for some of his soft wool. Each animal asked the cat what he needs it for. Cat always answered, ?This and that.? The animals that he asks are a horse, a pig, a sheep, a hen, a goat, a cow, and a donkey. Read this book to find out why the cat is doing that.

We like this book because the cat kept saying, ?this and that.? It made us wonder why the cat was collecting so many materials. We wanted to find out what the cat was going to do with them. When we read the book for the first time, we thought that pig would not let cat borrow some straw from the pigsty. We were wrong. Pig said, ?Help yourself.? The pictures are really cool because they?re made out of scrap paper. We think it was really hard to make the animals with collage. We were surprised that the illustrations were made out of scrap paper because they look pretty realistic. Ciara?s favorite part was when the cat asked the donkey for the ribbon on its hat. The animals let the cat borrow what he asks for. Rae?s favorite part was the ending. We won?t tell you what happens at the end.

We recommend this book to kids 10 and under and grandparents to read to their grandchildren. We also recommend it to student teachers and people that have cats. Our student teacher read this book to us for the first time. We recommend this book because every time an animal asks the cat why she wants something, the cat always answers the same way. It is funny when that happens.