1 Ruby the Copycat

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Ruby the Copycat

Written by Peggy Rathmann

Illustrated by Peggy Rathmann

Reviewed by Talia G. (age 6), Nancy F. (age 6) & Batya Z. (age 6)

Ruby the Copycat

Ruby was a new girl in school. She was doing everything a girl named Angela did, and she sat behind Angela. Here are some of the ways she copied Angela: being a flower girl, she wore a hand-painted t-shirt and matching sneakers and a bow and a red lavender striped dress and a sweater with daisies. They almost wrote the same poem. Ruby said she did the same thing Angela did over the weekend. Miss Hart sent everybody home except Ruby. Ruby stayed at school because she copied Angela and the teacher wanted to see her. Miss Hart wanted to talk to Ruby about not copying Angela all the time. She wanted Ruby to be Ruby, not Angela. The next day Ruby copied Miss Hart. She copied the teacher by gluing long fingernails on her fingers. Whenever Ruby went home, she hopped. She hopped on one foot. She hopped sideways. Ruby was a good hopper. What do you think Ruby did next? Do you think she kept copying other people? Do you think she stopped copying others? You?ll have to read the book to find out.

We like this book because this girl copies another girl named Angela. Angela is being herself, but Ruby is being Angela. Batya likes when they modeled their flower girl dresses. Talia?s favorite part is when they wore hand-painted t-shirts with matching sneakers. Nancy likes when they wore sweaters with daisies. The illustrations are pretty because the illustrator used a lot of bright colors. She used colored pencil. The book makes us feel excited and happy. This book reminds Batya of when her little brother copies Batya. It reminds Talia of her little brother copying her. The book reminds Nancy of her sister because Nancy?s sister copies her. The book is like Once Upon a Golden Apple because it is funny and so is Ruby the Copycat.

We recommend this book to kindergartners to 5th graders. We think they will like it because it is funny and exciting. We also recommend this book to moms and dads because we think they will be interested in it. They will enjoy reading it to their kids. If somebody copies you, you should read this book to find out how to stop that person from copying.