1 Ludlow Laughs

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Ludlow Laughs

Written by Jon Agee

Reviewed by Andrew B. (age 6) & A.J. C. (age 6)

Ludlow Laughs

Ludlow was born with a frown. He worked in a complaint factory. The radio center put him on the radio. Every day he was grumpy. He lives in a town in a pale blue building. He is MAD! When Ludlow woke up, he said, "Shaddupp!" They tried to tickle Ludlow, but it didn't work. He still didn't laugh. He never smiled or laughed in his life until he had a funny dream. Then he smiled. He laughs so much, the world hears him. Not only did he laugh, everyone else laughed with him. This is a fiction book. Ludlow laughs sometimes. It only happened at night until? Read to find out.

We think this book is hilarious because Ludlow was a strange and funny guy. Every day he is grumpy and his office building looks silly. We think it's cool because the illustrations are excellent. Everything looks like a comic book. The illustrations are not realistic. Ludlow's mouth is just a line. That's not realistic. The illustrations are very interesting. Andrew's favorite part is when Ludlow says, "Shaddupp!" A.J.'s favorite part is when everyone laughs. It shows people laughing on a globe.

We recommend this book to kids who are 4 - 10 years old. If you have read comic books, we think you will like Ludlow Laughs. If you like to have fun and like a good laugh, you should read this book. We recommend it to people who have a good sense of humor.