1 Earrings!

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Written by Judith Viorst

Illustrated by Nola Langner Malone

Reviewed by Mellissa F. (age 6) & Jenna K. (age 6)


There was a little girl that really wanted earrings. She begged her parents, but her parents wouldn't let her. The girl said, "I don't want them when I am older!" She sang a little poem: "I want them. I need them. I love them. Beautiful earrings. Glorious earrings. Why won't my mom and my dad let me have pierced ears?" Her parents keep saying she can't have them. The girl keeps promising that she'll walk the dog for a year and clean her room for a year and be nice to her brother for a year, well, maybe six months. Find out if she gets earrings or not.

We like this book because we want a rabbit. We understand what it feels like to want something really badly that we can't get. Our parents won't let us have rabbits. They won't let us because we live in New York City and our houses are too small. Our favorite character is the little girl because she always does funny things like she begs her parents for EVERYTHING! We don't like the parents in the book because they're not really being nice to the little girl. They should explain to her why she can't have earrings. They just say she's too young. Our favorite part is when the little girl begs her parents for earrings. It is very funny because she desperately begs her parents. Our other favorite part is when she says, "I'll be nice to my little brother for one whole year. Well, maybe six months." She changed her mind very quickly because it's hard to be nice to her little brother. The illustrations have so many colors. We wonder why they have no backgrounds.

We recommend this book to people who want stuff and their parents won't let them. That's what the little girl did. We also recommend this book to people who like fiction books because the book is fiction, but it can be real. This book is realistic fiction.