1 Frindle

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Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Brian Selznick

Reviewed by Zachary H. (age 8)


The story is about a kid named Nick Allen who made up a new word. His language teacher Mrs. Granger does not want Nick to make his new word a word in the dictionary. Nick was not a trouble maker but he was not a good kid either. Instead he was a trouble-gooder. He and his teacher had a war. The war started when Nick was in fifth grade and ended when he was in college.

I think that "Frindle" is a good book. I like it that a kid like Nick could think up and do a lot of his ideas. My favorite part was when Nick made those deep peeps in school to bother Mrs. Granger. I thought it was funny when he did that. I liked Nick the best as a character because he always had good ideas.

I recommend this book because it has funny parts in it. I think that everybody that can read good could read this book.